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Bonjour de Paris 
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Even more, you will,  interact with me, you will be part of the Paris show at all time. 
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Montmarte / Sacre-Coeur

Saint Michel / Louvre

  ‘Paris is a moveable feast’ – Ernest Hemingway

Architecture, monuments, art. Paris has it all

  “There is never any ending to Paris, and the memory of each person who has lived in it differs from that  of any other.” – Ernest Hemingway

 Culture and history. You will see it all

    “PARIS was always worth it, and you receive return for whatever you brought to it” – Ernest Hemingway

Amazing art and local old businesses .

Come along with Paris Always Walk, Independent Tours! Walk with a passionate independent local guides. Walk with Jillian. 

Walk along petites cafes and historic buildings and discover how to live like a Parisian. 

Admire emblematic hidden gems and landmarks, where art of the past and present make history!

Walk  in the company of an art historian. Feel the vibes of the City of Lights in small groups of walking tours, for Paris is always to walk in. 

Here is PARIS ALWAYS WALK Independent Tours!


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