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February 24, 2018

Blog Paris- ‘Moment Culture’ Ep8


Paris Always Walk is presenting a new serial, in short episodes, about Paris – ‘Moment Culture’. Today a quiz with 3 photos of Paris. Answers in the next episode.

Quiz 22: is this

A. Ile St. Louis        B. Ile aux Cygnes         C. Ile de la Cite        D. None of these

Quiz 23: are these columns originally from

A. Valois Rotunda    B. St. Pierre ‘s garden in Montreuil  C. Roman temple of Mars     D. Tuileries Palace

Quiz24:  this metro station opened in 1903 has the exit designed by French architect H. Guimard in the style of

A. Art Deco      B. Art Nouveau       C. Art Decorative         D. None of these


Answers PARIS ‘MOMENT CULTURE EP.7 Q19:D   Q20:B   Q21:C

Text & photos by Jillian E. Andrei

Founder/ guide Paris Always Walk Tours


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