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March 11, 2018

Blog Paris -Moment Culture Ep9


Paris Always Walk is presenting a new serial, in short episodes, about Paris – ‘Moment Culture’. Today a quiz with 3 photos of Paris. Answers in the next episode.

Quiz23:  it this section of Louvre Museum on  the side of

A. Rue Rivoli         B. River Seine         C. Jardin de Tuileries           D. Carre Square

Quiz 24: this building (1728) of Assemble Nationale represents in France

A. The Senate      B. The Parliament      C. The Government Council    D. French President’s Head Office

Quiz 25: is this building of the 19th C

A. Crillon Palace      B. The Bank of France      C.  Palace of Justice   D. City Hall


Answers PARIS ‘MOMENT CULTURE EP.8   Q22:C       Q23:A       Q24:B

Text & photos by Jillian E. Andrei

Founder/ guide Paris Always Walk Tours

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