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February 25, 2019

Blog Paris – Moment Culture Ep13


Paris Always Walk tours is presenting a new serial, in short episodes, about  #Blog Paris – ‘Moment Culture. Today a quiz with 3 photos of #Paris. Answers in the next episode.

Quiz 34: Is this famous French writer of the 17thC

A.Moliere  B.Corneille  C.Racine  D.La Fontaine

 Quiz 35:  Le Marais -does this splendid garden of a ‘Hotel Particulier’ /private home (16thC) belong to
A.Hotel de Marle      B.Hotel de Sale         C.Hotel de Soubise         D.Hotel Donon
Quiz 36: Is this emblamatic building in Montmartre a
A.Church  B.Basilica  C.Temple  D.None of these
Answers  #BLOG PARIS ‘MOMENT CULTURE EP.12   Q31:B     Q32:B     Q33:C
Text & photos by Jillian E. Andrei

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