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April 07, 2016

Blog Homage to the victims of Nov 13, 2015- Paris

photos by Jillian E. Andrei

Two weeks after the horrible event in Paris, on Nov 13, 2015, I felt like paying homage to the victims, in the eve of the national Remembering of the Victims, yesterday, in France. President Hollande was leading the ceremony at ‘Les Invalides’ in the presence of  the families of the cruelly killed beloved ones and officials.  Homage to victims- Nov 13 2015, Paris

After celebrating Thanksgiving at the American Church in Paris, being thankful to God for my kids and all it has been given to me and I have received this year, I got on a bus , driving along river Seine, past Louvre , Hotel de Ville and Marais. I got off the bus at Bastille. I carried on my pilgrimage on foot in the 11 arrondisment.

My first homage was to the victims of the La Belle Equipe Cafe, on rue Charonne. A black young man was offering candles and light to all of us. He has been mourning the lost of his beloved brother in place, for two weeks.

Hommage, La Belle Equipe, Paris

La Belle Equipe Cafe, Paris

I kept walking on rue Charonne till the jonction with ave Voltaire while the first drops of rain hit my face- nature comforting me with its generosity.

Cafe Bataclan, NOv 26, 15, Paris

Bataclan Theatre ,on 50, rue Voltaire, has been an attractive  place since its construction in 1894 both for performers and for the audience.  Famous French singers such as Maurice Chavalier and Edih Piaf and later, in  the 20 th century, has become a rock music theater in the 1970’s.

Bataclan Theatre, Nov26, 15, Paris

 Paying tribute to the 89 people killed at Bataclan.

Bataclan tribute, Nov 26, 2015, Paris
Kids' emotions, Bataclan, Paris
Bike tribute, Bataclan, Paris
Light for LIberty, Bataclan, Paris
Love for victims, Bataclan, Paris
Amour, Bataclan, Nov26'15, Paris

Peace, Bataclan, Paris

Love for victims, Bataclan, Paris Love, Bataclan, Paris

Pilgrimage,Bataclan, Nov 26'15,Paris

Has  the tragic event of Nov 13, 2015 changed its destiny?  I do not thinks so. French people are more than ever determined to  enjoy life  and their liberty. Paris has lit Christmas lights on Champs-Elysess. Shops windows are decorated for Christmas. Cafe and terraces are animated by people. The Global Climate Conference Paris 2015 is starting Sunday with great expectations for the present and future of our  beautiful planet.Paris enjoys its liberty!

As this powerful message written on a paper among lit candles on the pavement, in front of Bataclan Theatre says;

‘ You can kills us, but our Liberty is alive’

November 27, 2015


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