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May 19, 2017

Blog Iconic Louvre for E. Macron’s Historic Victory

Paris Louvre & Pyramids where  E. Macron will celebrate  his win – if elected President of France on May 7, 2017



Momentum 7.55pm Paris Louvre. People waiting for the presidential elections ‘results between  Front National  M. Le Pen  and “En Marche” E. Macron. May 7, 2017



Momentum 8pm. Paris Louvre.  France has a new President. E. Macron wins the presidential election  with 66.06% votes. May 7, 2017






Momentum 8.30pm Paris Louvre. People watching on screens President elect E. Macron’s  speech from his HQ in the 15th district. May 7, 2017




Momentum 9.30pm. Paris Louvre. People enjoying band’s concerts & awaiting President- elect E. Macron’s arrival. May7, 2017


Momentum 10.22pm. Paris Louvre. European Union anthem “Ode of Joy”  by Beethoven is announcing President elect E. Macron’s presence



Momentum 10.23pm. Paris Louvre. Thousands of people listening to Beethoven’s “Ode of Joy”and watching on the screen  President elect E. Macron marching past the pyramids of Louvre. May 7, 2017

Momentum 10.25pm. Paris Louvre. When  President elect of France is arriving in front of the people sharing his historic victory: “Merci, mes amis d’etre la”. ‘Thank you my friends for being here! When one was said that would be impossible, I replied  that one does not know France enough!”. The speech of the  youngest French President. May7, 2017

Momentum 10.35pm. Paris Louvre. French people  singing together  with President  elect E. Macron “La Marseillaise”, the French national  anthem, celebrating the historic victory of the 8th President of the 5th Republic of France. May 7, 2017


Text&Photos&Videos by Jillian E. Andrei May 7 , 2017




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