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November 01, 2017

Blog Paris- ‘Moment Culture’ Ep3


Paris Always Walk is presenting a new serial, in short episodes, about Paris – ‘Moment Culture’. Today a quiz with 3 photos of Paris. Answers in the next episode.

Quiz7: Is this picture

A.Richelieu Chapel              B. Mazarin Chapel             C. St. Denis Chapel                D. None of above

Quiz8: Is this picture

A. Belleville                             B. Montmartre                  C. Montparnasse                      D. Latin Quarter

Quiz9: Is this picture taken from

A. Ile des Cygnes                     B. Ile St.Louis                    C. Ile de la Cite                       D. None of above


Answers Ep 2:  Q4:D   Q5:C    Q6:C

Text & photos by Jillian E. Andrei

Founder/ guide Paris Always Walk Tours

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