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January 12, 2020




Paris Always Walk tours is presenting a new serial, in short episodes, about  #Blog Paris – ‘Moment Culture. Today a quiz with 3 photos of #Paris

Answers in the next episode.

Quiz 35:  Is this famous French Academy created by

A. Richelieu     B. Pompidou     C. Mitterand     D. Mazarin

Quiz 36: Is this view on Notre-Dame cathedral taken from

A. Pont  au Change     B. Pont Marie     C. Pont de Sully     D. Pont Notre-Dame


Quiz 37: Is this Arc  of the city

A. Arc de Triumph B. Porte Saint- Martin C. Portes Sain-Denis D. Arc de Carrousel

Answers  #BLOG PARIS ‘MOMENT  #CULTURE ‘ EP.13   Q34:B     Q35:D     Q36:B

Text & photos by Jillian E. Andrei-  Independent Local Guide – Paris Always Walk tours


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