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May 04, 2020


 MAY 3, 2020

Paris Always Walk Independent Tours  is offering, virtually, to  you a glimpse of the unique #Montmartre #Paris  in  #lockdown
 Countdown, starting today, till the ease of #confinement on May 11, 2020 .
 Come along- when ever will be possible for you- to #discover and #explore this bohemian quarter of #city of #love : Montmartre Village.
 Today, May 3, 2020, Paris Always Walk Independent Tours is offering you  #Paris in #lockdown view from #SacreCoeur,  never seen before, since the existence of this most visited   uphill  spot of the #city of Paris.
Wandering in the empty streets of #Montmartre during the #confinement makes you feel the like an explorer of unknown territory.  The stair ways- beautiful and solid constructions of the 19th century, flanked by old street lanterns and  families of  trees blossom- acacia, at this time, the joy of the bees and their season honey. Acacia, believed or not was, for the first time named by a #Swedish botanist in 1773, just by curiosity.
 #Montmartre is  rich in small squares and #secret #gardens- a delight for kids and their families. Closed at this time, the birds have taken the stage.

The 19th and the beginning of the 20th century,  #Montmartre Village was the ‘nest’ of the great artistic creations. Maurice Utrillo ( 1883-1955)  was the ‘kid ‘of Montmartre , where he was born, where he lived, where he painted, where he  rests in peace in the small cemetery St. Vincent.
He is the painter of the streets of Montmartre, in their simplicity and beauty.
His painting  from 1910 ,  sends  you back  in this hidden ‘ Impasse Cottin’
Paris Always Walk  Independent Tours  is offering it to you  110 years later , on May 3, 2020 -photo.
 See more of Paris Always Walk photos and videos taken during the #lockdown  #Paris, visit its  Instagram / Twitter / Face Book.
Join in   Paris Always Walk Independent Tours #countdown  #lockdown.
  Text& captures by  Jillian. E Andrei – Founder/ Independent Local Guide
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