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May 05, 2020


MAY 4, 2020

Paris Always Walk Independent Tours  is offering, virtually, to  you a glimpse of the unique #Montmartre #Paris  in  #lockdown
 Countdown, starting today, May 1, 2020, till the ease of #confinement on May 11, 2020 .
 Come along- when ever will be possible for you- to #discover and #explore this bohemian quarter of #city of #love : Montmartre Village.
 Today, May 4, 2020,Paris Always WalkIndependent Tours is offering you  #Paris in #lockdown view from #SacreCoeur,  never seen before, since the existence of this most visited   uphill  spot of the #city of Paris.

Infinitely beautiful! Panorama view from ‘Butte de #Montmartre’  Sacre-Coeur   of the #city of #Paris is splendid at any moment of the day, from dawn to dusk, from evening to night.

On the east side of ‘ Butte de Montmartre’ the slope is rather steep. The tiny street ‘Chevalier de la Barre’ with its stair ways and typical constructions  ‘Montmartrois’  makes you think, with sympathy,  of this knight de la Barre, who died in 1766, at the age of 19, the victim of religious dogmatism of that time.



On the very same ‘Butte de Montmartre’ there is a much smaller  Catholic church ‘Saint- Pierre de Montmartre’  – St.Peter’s, one of the oldest in #Paris. With its Gothic architecture, ‘ Saint Pierre de Montmartre’ spirit brings you 870 years back. Being the only visitor of this magnificent church, built on the grounds of the Roman temple dedicated to Mercury, one can  explore it in every detail. The light coming through the open huge central door is overwhelming.

Going uphill to Sacre-Coeur you will be enchanted by the romantic fountain and garden, built in 1860, during the Second Empire, where art exhibitions are frequently organized under the patronage of ‘ Commanderie  du Clos Montmartre’, who also mange the last vineyard of the village, on the north side of ‘ Butte de Montmartre’.


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Join in   Paris Always Walk Independent Tours #countdown  #lockdown.
  Text& captures by  Jillian. E Andrei – Founder/ Independent Local Guide
  Paris Always Walk Independent Tours


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