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May 07, 2020


🗼Paris Always Walk🗼 Independent Tours  is offering, virtually, to  you a glimpse of the unique #Montmartre #Paris  in  #lockdown
 Countdown, starting today, May 1, 2020, till the ease of #confinement on May 11, 2020 .
 Come along- when ever will be possible for you- to #discover and #explore this bohemian quarter of #city of #love : Montmartre Village.
 Today, May 6, 2020  🗼 Paris Always Walk🗼  Independent Tours is offering you  #Paris in #lockdown view from #SacreCoeur,  never seen before, since the existence of this most visited   uphill  spot of the #city of Paris.

and La Tour Eiffel , in the back ground, unique image from  Butte Montmartre.
‘ My village Montmartre’  has tiny, charming back streets to be discovered.
  In the  WW1, #French #military  participated in the  #Balkan area, in Eastern Europe together with their allies. This street , named till 1987 ‘ Rue de  L’Orient’  when it was changed- to render homage to the soldiers of the battles – into ‘Rue de l’Armee de L’Orient’,  with a small theater belonging to a  long-life- successful- famous – theater – film  -French #actor, Michel Galabru ( 1922-2016) – ‘Theatre Galabru’.
At the end of the 19thC,  #Montmartre Village attracted artists, writers, poets from all over Europe.  One of the residents of the village, a young  with a high sense of humor  French #poet and painter,  Max  Jacob (1876-1944)  has a funny idea to ‘ baptize’ a residence where artists had their ‘ petits ateliers  (studios) with the only sink, in  a long corridor,  ‘ Bateau Lavoir’ ( ship with a sink).   ” Bateau Lavoir’ hosted evenings where music, philosophy , poetry, and art works where accompanied by a glass or more of red wine,  a more ‘ intellectual’ spirit than couple of streets downhill at  #MoulinRouge, the famous #cabaret.

‘Bateau Lavoir’ the temple of artists, partially destroyed by a cruel blaze in 1970, can be easily seen from the richly green in chestnut trees, old  old green benches and green ‘ Fontaine Wallace’ ( 1871) in the painting of the #French -Montmartrois #artist  Maurice Utrillo ( 1883-1955) in his work ‘ Place Ravignan’ (1911)


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Join in   Paris Always Walk Independent Tours #countdown  #lockdown.
                                                                                      Text& captures by  Jillian. E Andrei – Founder/ Independent Local Guide
                                                                                                              Paris Always Walk Independent Tours

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