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May 08, 2020


🗼Paris Always Walk🗼 Independent Tours  is offering, virtually, to  you a glimpse of the unique #Montmartre #Paris  in  #lockdown
 Countdown, starting today, May 1, 2020, till the ease of #confinement on May 11, 2020 .
 Come along- when ever will be possible for you- to #discover and #explore this bohemian quarter of #city of #love : Montmartre Village.

Today, May 7, 2020  🗼 Paris Always Walk🗼Independent Tours is offering you  #Paris in #lockdown view from #SacreCoeur,  never seen before, since the existence of this most visited  uphill  spot of the #city of Paris.

#Paris  in #confinement   brings out the best of  artists in #Montmartre:  #dancer  changed her private studio with an open- air one on  Butte Montmartre ( the top of the hill ), with a marvelous panorama view of the #city of #Paris.

#Montmartre is a real treat for everyone who  like  traveling, exploring and safying an artistic and cultural curiosity.
Once upon the time, there was a village with windmills and vineyards and green patches in #Montmartre Village . The spirit of the village is still be seen  in the shapes of  last two windmills  on Butte known  under one name: Le Moulin de la Galette ( 1622)
 Both windmills have become not only a photography collection, but an infinite  inspiration source for the #artists of #Impressionism  and later, of the painters of the 20th C.
When Vincent  #VanGogh came to Paris to join his beloved brother, Theo van Gogh, in  rue Lepic #Montmartre, he was enchanted by the open spaces of the village, the vegetable gardens , the getting together at his  #artist pal, Toulouse- Lautrec, the coffee time at Cafe ‘Le Consulat’ or  playing billard a ‘ La Bonne Francquette’ and painting, painting, painting in the #French  bright light of the sky of Montmartre’s  artistic  spirit.
    Both #MoulindelaGalette’  bring the  breeze of the #Dutch  ‘ molen’ ( mills) to  Vincent, who will paint them with human silhouette  or as a singular character of the  rural landscape.
One of the first paintings with #MoulindelaGalette was made in  the year of Vincent’s arrival in #Montmartre #Paris.
 ‘ Moulin de la Galette  vu de la rue Girardon’ , in 1886,  almost monochromatic, as most of his previous paintings made in his native country – #Netherlands / #Holland.
 Paris Always Walk Independent Tours offers you  ‘ Moulin de la Galette’  view with rue Girardon,  after 134 years, the very same windmill of  the #heritage of #Montmartre, on May7,  2020, in #lockdown  #Paris.
 See more of🗼 Paris Always Walk🗼 photos and videos taken during the #lockdown  #Paris, visit its  Instagram / Twitter / Face Book.
Join in   Paris Always Walk Independent Tours #countdown  #lockdown.
                                                                                      Text& captures by  Jillian. E Andrei – Founder/ Independent Local Guide
                                                                                                              Paris Always Walk Independent Tours

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