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May 11, 2020


” After clouds, sunshine”
🗼Paris Always Walk🗼 Independent Tours  is offering, virtually, to  you a glimpse of the unique #Montmartre #Paris  in  #lockdown
 Countdown, starting today, May 1, 2020, till the ease of #confinement on May 11, 2020 .

Come along- when ever will be possible for you- to #discover and #explore this bohemian quarter of #city of #love : Montmartre Village.

The last weekend  #lockdown  #countdown day 2 and day1 till day  #deconfinement , it has been ,for many #Parisians, full of mixed  feelings  between so- much -desired – needed – freedom of movement without ‘a honor- declaration paper’ to be presented to the  police and the fear or anxiety of the still present  #covid19 #virus- throughout #Paris area, the  #French #capital included.

Easing #lockdown  on forthcoming Monday is going to be ” After clouds, sunshine” for  some small and middle size shops, among them the most awaited #coiffeur ones. At least, the hair -do could be admired, if the color of the lipstick won’t, due to a compulsory  masks in public transport in #Paris.

This weekend, the last in the row of 6 restricted ones,  has been rather animated in the streets of #Montmartre , people doing  essential  shopping  with the vital #French baquette  to be seen in the hands of all those who are by birth of have become #Montmartrois.

🗼 Paris Always Walk🗼Independent Tours is offering you  #Paris in #lockdown view from #SacreCoeur,  never seen before, since the existence of this most visited  uphill  spot of the #city of Paris.
 For the first time, in years,  a splendid group of  coquelicot  rouge ( red poppy) that #French language is, metaphorically associated with  a coque crest- the Gallic symbol.
#Montmartre Village ‘s tiny rue Norvins, named after the Baron de Montbreton de Norvins ( 1769-1854), a historian of #Napoleon I, is the main touristic route to Place  des Artistes ( Place de Tertre). with the former rural houses used as sweet shops or small art galleries or #creperies where you can still listen to a classical piano or petits restaurants, where young #artists tried out  their talents, #painters # musicians #poets.  The charismatic #Belgian Jacques Brel used to sing in one of these places,  when he first came to #Paris, later to become a much admired #singer in #France.
 Before #lockdown, rue Norvins was populated with visitors and travelers heading to #SacreCoeur, to become an empty, quiet one during the #confinement.


‘La Maison Rose’ has kept his charm since its beginning , in the 18th C. Placed at the corner of two village routes, used to be visited by artists of the village who lived not far, uphill in a house, that is at the present  #Musee de #Montmartre.  The  #French painter Maurice Utrillo ( 1883-1955) an admirer of his birth village,  #Montmartre , painted ‘ La Petite Maison Rose’ ( 1900) and ‘Le Carrefour de la rue des Saules et rue Cortot a Montmartre’ (1938).

At the end of the 19thC, a countryside  19years old woman came to #Montmartre to start a new life. Her beauty , quickly was remarked by the eyes of the painters, whom they were happy to have as a model for their work.  After changing the surname  into Suzanne to  better fit  her time,  she became herself a painter, under the  precious guidance of her masters, namely Renoir et Degas. Suzanne Valadon (1865-1938) the ‘  #French -woman- painter’ in the world of art dominated by men,  lived with her natural son, Maurice Utrillo in Montmartre , rue Cortot. They both rest in peace in the cemetery, St. Vincent,  not far from ‘La Maison Rose’, in #Montmartre.
The #French #Impressionist #painter, Auguste  Renoir (1841-1919) made ‘Le Portrait de Suzanne Valadon’ ( 1886).
#Coronavirus #pandemic has hit France as well. Since March 17, 2020, the country has been in #lockdown, with rather harsh restrictions , both for the protection of the population and for helping the medical staff to deal with the pretty high number of  hospitalized people.👍
 Not only doctors and nurses have been  front- line fighters, but all the workers, on back stage:  medical researchers & scientists, IT specialists, police force, electricians,  rubbish collectors,  boulangers,  firefighters,  military, pilots, bus drivers, post- office staff, farmers, and many more  food suppliers and transporters.🙌

See more of🗼 Paris Always Walk🗼  photos and videos taken during the #lockdown  #Paris, visit its  Instagram / Twitter / Face Book.
Join in   Paris Always Walk Independent Tours #countdown  #lockdown.
  See you soon in Paris!
  Text& captures by  Jillian. E Andrei – Founder/ Independent Local Guide
                                                                                                              Paris Always Walk Independent Tours

all these brave🌷 people, every day, at 8pm -applause, expressing gratitude,  all over the Montmartre  Village / Paris.🌷

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